Scrumptious Pillows from Wisteria!


Yum yum yum I want all of these soft fuzzy pillows from Wisteria plus this big statement mirror isn't too bad either! :)

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My Dream is Going to be Realized


Back in March I posted about this $2500 spherical Horchow chandelier that I have been coveting for ages. I had seen a couple other similar ones, but they really just didn't come close enough to the Horchow beauty....Until I was looking at Little Green Notebook today and saw that she spied one that looks nearly identical AND is the same size as my beloved. The best part? It's from Home Depot for $400!!!! This is one splurge that I will not be able to pass up, and it will be on my list to buy one sometime this year.

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Rebecca Robertson on Martha Stewart Living


Rebecca Robertson created this room as part of a challenge on Martha's show. Love this room.

She used radiator cover material to make a border of molding on the ceiling. These shades of blue and yellow look so pretty together.

This coffee table is actually a vintage army cot that she painted. The trays on top are baking sheets covered in fabric with plexi-glass on top.

The cabinets are just from Ikea with the same radiator covers over the glass doors to create more of a high-end look.

I absolutely adore the molding that she made at the bottom using pieces of victorian gingerbread. It looks incredible.

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Hmmm.....Looks Familiar


Do you ever spot something unusual for the first time ever, then all of a sudden see it popping up all over the place? I feel like that happens to me a lot! I spotted this adorable mid century sideboard on ebay a couple of weeks ago and fell in love with the lil' guy. I had never seen anything like it or even remotely similar! Now in the past week I've seen it in not one but two awesome homes in magazines, how random!


I'm back from a long blogging-break, and it feels good! I couldn't be happier to be back in the swing of things. In my search for inspiration as well as items for my home, I stumbled upon this awesome credenza on ebay.

I come across a good amount of cool credenzas on ebay and craigslist, but the shape of this one really reminded me of one of the Room Service ones that we all love so much. If you were to slap on some glossy paint, in white or even a bright kelly green or yellow, it would be so glam! Add some really bold hardware and it looks like a million bucks, just like all of the Room Service ones below.

Room Service credenza via Apartment Therapy

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Chippendale armchair on Craigslist


I'm in love with this chippendale style armchair that I just found on Craigslist!! If you look closely at the legs, the carved details are so nice. I would definitely get new cushion covers made of course, but what a steal at $40! Love it!

Lizzie Carney's Home in Country Living


I discovered this cute home tour in the October issue of Country Living magazine. I love the fact that Lizzie Carney's home has that romantic cottage vibe yet instead of the standard whites everywhere, it's filled with rich dark colors like charcoal and chocolate brown.

I love this kitchen!!! The charcoal and turquoise are gorgeous, and I'm sorry but I also love the controversial peacock on top of the fridge.

I want to have a whole dressing room!

The curtain behind the bed is beautiful and makes the room look so soft. She also has the Anthropologie Cirrus duvet in gray, which is my favorite one!

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How I'm hoping this piece turns out.....


Well, I got all of the sanding, priming and first coat of paint done on the top half of this cabinet. It looks super splotchy and I think I'll need to do a couple more coats of black paint.

My boyfriend made it pretty clear when this piece of furniture showed up at our house that he was not that into it. Then today I remembered this piece from a GORGEOUS local shop called Revival Home & Garden and showed the picture to my boyfriend...Boy, did that change his view on it! It helped him to see the potential of how our piece will be beautiful and turn out perfect in our home! I'm doing solid black, but you get the idea....

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What I'm working on.....


This is my new baby, and therefore my new project. This antique china cabinet was going for super cheap on ebay and I snatched it right up for a Buy it Now price, since there were a bunch of inquiries about it. Below are the two pieces, and I am going to paint them both and put wallpaper on the back wall of the cabinet.

It's absolutely gorgeous, but does need work. It has it's original mid century paint and this gross green putty inside the cabinet. Yuck! Maybe it was used to hold down objects displayed inside? Who knows. It's been a pain to get off, I can tell you that much! These are a few photos from my inspiration folder that came to mind when I purchased it...

via ebay

via ebay

Celerie Kemble via Flickr

My original idea was to paint it a glossy pale gray with a yellow floral wallpaper inside, probably with a metallic gold in it. Then I realized it wasn't the most guy-friendly combo and I have to keep my man in mind! I think I've settled on black glossy paint and a black floral Designer's Guild wallpaper inside the cabinet.... something that we both will love! I'll be posting pictures soon when it's closer to done!

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Mercury Glass Lamps


I was at Anthropologie today looking at some adorable mercury glass votive holders, and it got me thinking about how I've always loved loved LOVED mercury glass in general, especially lamps.

via Pottery Barn

This Pottery Barn one looks so warm and earthy with the burlap shade!

via ebay

I love the floral shade on this one. I would buy some of that fabric if I could get my hands on it!

via ebay

via ebay

There are sooooo many cute ones! Might have to add a pair to my already obnoxious collection of lamps, hehehe!

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