Cloisonne At It's Finest


I came across this gorgeous picture from House Beautiful on Pink Wallpaper (such an awesome blog) of two cloisonne vases that are a really similar color to ones that I recently got! I've come across a bunch of awesome cloisonne items on ebay and I just love how ladylike and feminine they can be.

And these babies are mine! I love the gold, white and turquoise together... AND I love ginger jars, so win-win! Don't they look a little like those ones in House Beautiful?

XO Athena

DIY Fever


I got the DIY bug real bad today and have been roaming the city collecting all sorts of supplies to complete some upcoming projects. I began with just a teeny one. These lamps had unpainted wood tops and bases that I was not that into, so I painted them with a little black paint that I had and am going to go over the top with some Krylon spray paint in a clear gloss finish. I have put soooo much love and care into these little guys.... A while back when I purchased them on ebay one arrived broken into all kinds of little pieces, and rather then sending them back I tediously glued the little guy back together. I was so in love with them that I couldn't bare letting them go! Next I'll be finding some black shades for them and we are good to go!

Also in my previous post I mentioned this new lamp that I'm going to paint...

I just decided which colors! I want the white flowers to really stand out, so I was going to spray paint the lamp a charcoal gray and then paint the flowers and designs all white. However, I picked up some dark blue spray paint at Home Depot today not yet knowing what I was going to use it for. Then something clicked. Deep blue glossy paint with the flowers in bright white!!! I am soooooo excited, I think it will turn out gorgeous so we will see. I will post pictures soon when I get the painting going!

XO Athena

Fabric Addiction


I have developed quite the fabric addiction in the last year or so, and acquired random pieces without yet knowing their destiny or purpose. Many of them will end up being used for various drapery and upholstery projects in the future, but for now I have figured out my first use for certain pieces. I desperately need lampshades. I have so many lamps that I have collected (probably going on about 15 in a one bedroom apartment, I have a bit of a problem....) and a bunch of them are naked without shades! Here are a few of the fabric pieces that I have collected....

Chenonceau by Schumacher, one of my favorites!

Another absolute love of mine, Macao by China Seas!

I love sooooo many of the Thomas Paul fabrics, especially this Silhouette one! Probably why I had to get it in not one but two colorways. ;)

I just love ikats. This one is very thin though so I'm not quite sure yet where it will be best used.

This is my latest addition to the crazy lamp collection and I'm in love with it! Just gotta get some paint on this baby and find a new shade, because the one currently on there is just temporary. My problem is that I'm just so dang indecisive about everything, so I need to decide on paint colors for the several lamps that I am painting, plus decide on fabrics for the lampshades for each! So overwhelming because there are literally infinite options, but I will be posting pictures of all my lamp makeovers in the coming weeks! Below I have a few lamps with fabric shades for a little inspiration.

XO Athena

New Dwell Studio Fabric Line


I am ecstatic having just found out that Dwell Studio is teaming up with Robert Allen to do a fabric line! Not just a fabric line but 72 fabrics no less! Since these pictures from the Dwell blog show just a few of them, I literally cannot wait to see the rest on their website in August. Since I've been dying to get that peacock bedding as I posted a while back, now I can just get the peacock fabric and use it for any project I choose! It's enough to make a girl's day.

XO Athena