DIY Fever


I got the DIY bug real bad today and have been roaming the city collecting all sorts of supplies to complete some upcoming projects. I began with just a teeny one. These lamps had unpainted wood tops and bases that I was not that into, so I painted them with a little black paint that I had and am going to go over the top with some Krylon spray paint in a clear gloss finish. I have put soooo much love and care into these little guys.... A while back when I purchased them on ebay one arrived broken into all kinds of little pieces, and rather then sending them back I tediously glued the little guy back together. I was so in love with them that I couldn't bare letting them go! Next I'll be finding some black shades for them and we are good to go!

Also in my previous post I mentioned this new lamp that I'm going to paint...

I just decided which colors! I want the white flowers to really stand out, so I was going to spray paint the lamp a charcoal gray and then paint the flowers and designs all white. However, I picked up some dark blue spray paint at Home Depot today not yet knowing what I was going to use it for. Then something clicked. Deep blue glossy paint with the flowers in bright white!!! I am soooooo excited, I think it will turn out gorgeous so we will see. I will post pictures soon when I get the painting going!

XO Athena

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