Scrumptious Pillows from Wisteria!


Yum yum yum I want all of these soft fuzzy pillows from Wisteria plus this big statement mirror isn't too bad either! :)

XO Athena

My Dream is Going to be Realized


Back in March I posted about this $2500 spherical Horchow chandelier that I have been coveting for ages. I had seen a couple other similar ones, but they really just didn't come close enough to the Horchow beauty....Until I was looking at Little Green Notebook today and saw that she spied one that looks nearly identical AND is the same size as my beloved. The best part? It's from Home Depot for $400!!!! This is one splurge that I will not be able to pass up, and it will be on my list to buy one sometime this year.

XO Athena

Rebecca Robertson on Martha Stewart Living


Rebecca Robertson created this room as part of a challenge on Martha's show. Love this room.

She used radiator cover material to make a border of molding on the ceiling. These shades of blue and yellow look so pretty together.

This coffee table is actually a vintage army cot that she painted. The trays on top are baking sheets covered in fabric with plexi-glass on top.

The cabinets are just from Ikea with the same radiator covers over the glass doors to create more of a high-end look.

I absolutely adore the molding that she made at the bottom using pieces of victorian gingerbread. It looks incredible.

XO Athena