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This Little Guy Belongs in My Home


I spotted this little cutie in one of my older issues of House Beautiful and I must say, was pretty impressed that it's from K Mart. This tray table is great because it's nice enough to be a permanent fixture in your home, but is also transportable and great for using outside on a nice day. Love the little finials, love the mirrored top, LOVE the fretwork design. It just doesn't get much better for $70! A ginger jar of peonies, a couple of books, a porcelain box on top... Perfection.

XO Athena

My New Coffee Table


I am ecstatic. This beauty right here is my new coffee table from ebay. I got a steal of a deal and we desperately needed a coffee table. I've been dying to have a glass-top one like this with the lattice design, so I couldn't be happier about it! Now I just need to figure out which items are going to have a home on the table. The predicament is that I love coffee tables that have tons of objects on them, with little vignettes, vases of flowers, books and trays... However, the part about this table that I love is the lattice design that you see from above, so I have to find a happy medium. I also need to figure out asap what color to paint this dang thing because that yellowish spotty mid-century finish is just not gonna work out for me. I pulled some coffee table pics together for a little inspiration.

source unknown

via Lonny Magazine

XO Athena

Such a Fan


I scored BIG TIME on my last trip to Home Goods a few weeks ago, walking out with two enormous sea fans for $15 each!! I mean, these things are like 20 inches wide, so I'm going to need to find huge frames for them. Afterward I looked on ebay to confirm that I had gotten a good price, and yes indeed smaller ones were selling for more than I paid! Mine are not the black variety that you often see; they are beige.

via Elle Decor

I decided that I will frame them to keep them protected, but then there's so much to consider, such as what color frame and what background color? I think probably a white background with a dark color and vice-versa. I really want them to stand out. I was wondering whether it would be sacrilegious to paint them when I came across Karen Robertson's website. Thankfully I found my answer because she sells them in an array of different tinted colors. Now to decide which color and what kind of dye!

XO Athena

Rocker-Style Pillows from Kreme!


Thanks to the latest issue of Lonny magazine, I discovered the Kreme website and all of the awesome pillows that they have! The one below is featured in the magazine, and I love all of the pom poms! The price is not bad at $130 for all of this detail and amazing texture. The little brass key detail kills me--so cute!!!!

Although I was first drawn to the pom pom pillow, the studded pillows literally made my jaw drop. They scream my name. I love love LOVE anything that has that glam rock n roll vibe, so I was so stoked about these!

I'm super duper drawn to this black one! Maybe since it has tons of poms poms AND pyramid studs... The best of both worlds.

XO Athena

More From Apartment Therapy Small Cool Contest 2010


A while back I blogged about one entry in the Apartment Therapy Small Cool Contest 2010, before I had really look through many of the entries. After skimming all of the entries however, I discovered so many cool homes! Some were more traditional and some pretty creative, but I loved all of these!

I love everything about this pic, especially the vintage lucite lamps on the mantle and the chevron rug! I'm dying to get a chevron rug myself, but I already have a plain rug that I am contemplating painting the design on. Hmm....

If you look closely there are some really cool accessories on the shelves. I feel like this is the industrial look done right.

This imitation George Nelson chest is actually an ikea hack! Might have to try that one of these days...

Brass coffee tables or just brass in general really do it for me. That table is just gorgeous.

I think that wide horizontal stripes on the wall are super cool. Maybe another idea to try.

OK this pic looks straight out of a British or Australian decorating mag to me, like Living Etc or something. So cool.

I love this metallic tree wallpaper, but wish I could remember who makes it.

This wall color is gorgeous to me.

I want that octopus pillow! Been loving them lately....

Some cool stencil action.

I really would love to get this rhino head from Anthropologie. Maybe the zebra one too!

OMG these old glass kitchen cabinets are to die for!!! I would kill for cabinets like those.

Love that velvet sofa, and also that staffordshire dog print! So cute!!

This mirror... there are no words. I think it's greatness is obvious :)

Why can't I have a cute alcove in my place that fits a bed?

XO Athena