My New Coffee Table


I am ecstatic. This beauty right here is my new coffee table from ebay. I got a steal of a deal and we desperately needed a coffee table. I've been dying to have a glass-top one like this with the lattice design, so I couldn't be happier about it! Now I just need to figure out which items are going to have a home on the table. The predicament is that I love coffee tables that have tons of objects on them, with little vignettes, vases of flowers, books and trays... However, the part about this table that I love is the lattice design that you see from above, so I have to find a happy medium. I also need to figure out asap what color to paint this dang thing because that yellowish spotty mid-century finish is just not gonna work out for me. I pulled some coffee table pics together for a little inspiration.

source unknown

via Lonny Magazine

XO Athena

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