Such a Fan


I scored BIG TIME on my last trip to Home Goods a few weeks ago, walking out with two enormous sea fans for $15 each!! I mean, these things are like 20 inches wide, so I'm going to need to find huge frames for them. Afterward I looked on ebay to confirm that I had gotten a good price, and yes indeed smaller ones were selling for more than I paid! Mine are not the black variety that you often see; they are beige.

via Elle Decor

I decided that I will frame them to keep them protected, but then there's so much to consider, such as what color frame and what background color? I think probably a white background with a dark color and vice-versa. I really want them to stand out. I was wondering whether it would be sacrilegious to paint them when I came across Karen Robertson's website. Thankfully I found my answer because she sells them in an array of different tinted colors. Now to decide which color and what kind of dye!

XO Athena

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  1. I'm loving the living room with those glorious blue pics! So fun!
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