Rebecca Robertson on Martha Stewart Living


Rebecca Robertson created this room as part of a challenge on Martha's show. Love this room.

She used radiator cover material to make a border of molding on the ceiling. These shades of blue and yellow look so pretty together.

This coffee table is actually a vintage army cot that she painted. The trays on top are baking sheets covered in fabric with plexi-glass on top.

The cabinets are just from Ikea with the same radiator covers over the glass doors to create more of a high-end look.

I absolutely adore the molding that she made at the bottom using pieces of victorian gingerbread. It looks incredible.

XO Athena


  1. I love the molding on the walls as well and I'm also loving all the different patterns used througout! I am your newest follower and really enjoying your blog:)

  2. Wow! The colors are brilliant here, and I had no idea radiator covers were so beautiful (San Diego=no radiators!)
    Thanks for sharing!