Hmmm.....Looks Familiar


Do you ever spot something unusual for the first time ever, then all of a sudden see it popping up all over the place? I feel like that happens to me a lot! I spotted this adorable mid century sideboard on ebay a couple of weeks ago and fell in love with the lil' guy. I had never seen anything like it or even remotely similar! Now in the past week I've seen it in not one but two awesome homes in magazines, how random!


  1. Ohhhh I know Jenny from MFAMB was in love with this, I'm guessing it comes with a hefty price. I'm doing an Ikea Hack that is similar to this we'll see if it turns out.

  2. Yeah, too spendy for me:( OMG I'd love to see how your piece looks when you're done! I bet it'll be awesome!

  3. Don't be too jealous I found one of these for free on the curb. I posted it on my blog If you see another it worth the spend - well made and super functional.