Cloisonne At It's Finest


I came across this gorgeous picture from House Beautiful on Pink Wallpaper (such an awesome blog) of two cloisonne vases that are a really similar color to ones that I recently got! I've come across a bunch of awesome cloisonne items on ebay and I just love how ladylike and feminine they can be.

And these babies are mine! I love the gold, white and turquoise together... AND I love ginger jars, so win-win! Don't they look a little like those ones in House Beautiful?

XO Athena


  1. Hello Athena, I just stumbled upon your blog during a google search, and boy am I happy! Your blog is fab, I'm adding it to my feed =)

    --> And your vases/jars are gorgeous, I LOVE turquoise and gold, it's the perfect hot/cold color combination (amongst many haha!)

    xo Linda @

  2. Thank you so much, that means a lot!!! LOVE your blog too! I'll add you to my feed asap!! :)