What I'm working on.....


This is my new baby, and therefore my new project. This antique china cabinet was going for super cheap on ebay and I snatched it right up for a Buy it Now price, since there were a bunch of inquiries about it. Below are the two pieces, and I am going to paint them both and put wallpaper on the back wall of the cabinet.

It's absolutely gorgeous, but does need work. It has it's original mid century paint and this gross green putty inside the cabinet. Yuck! Maybe it was used to hold down objects displayed inside? Who knows. It's been a pain to get off, I can tell you that much! These are a few photos from my inspiration folder that came to mind when I purchased it...

via ebay

via ebay

Celerie Kemble via Flickr

My original idea was to paint it a glossy pale gray with a yellow floral wallpaper inside, probably with a metallic gold in it. Then I realized it wasn't the most guy-friendly combo and I have to keep my man in mind! I think I've settled on black glossy paint and a black floral Designer's Guild wallpaper inside the cabinet.... something that we both will love! I'll be posting pictures soon when it's closer to done!

XO Athena


  1. Holy mother of pearl you really got yourself a good find! Never been sure about ordering furniture on ebay because of the shipping price was it not so bad?

  2. I know I can't believe how much I lucked out! I feel like it's always everyone else who has the awesome finds! Yeah the shipping was not bad at all!! And it came to Seattle from Florida. I need to get the name of the shipper for future transactions cause he was awesome. :)