Rock Crystal Lamps


Ever since I saw this little amethyst gem on Vivre a few years back, I was determined to get a rock crystal lamp someday.

Empel Collections rock crystal lamp via Cote de Texas

These lamps just blow my mind, but at about $2000 each, I wasn't sure how I'd ever get my hands on one. So, I've decided that in the next few months I'm going to attempt making one. I'm not sure if I'll use one big rock crystal cluster, or glue little pieces to a lamp, but I'm sure I'll figure it out!

Citrine Quartz Cluster via ebay

I found this piece on ebay for $70 plus shipping, which could easily make a gorgeous lamp, no gluing little pieces required! They have many similar ones all over ebay, so I will definitely document the project in the coming months... Maybe a rock crystal mirror as well, the wheels are turning....

XO Athena

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  1. Did you ever end up doing this project? I want to make one also but I guess I would need to find someone who has a 'drill a hole deep enough for a lamp rod thingie' tool.