New Fave Designer Kishani Perera


It has just been in the past few months that I have had the pleasure of discovering LA-based designer Kishani Perera! She has worked several times on Molly Sim's homes and is currently working with Gary Oldman on his. I have yet to see a room done by her that I don't love. We'll start with my favorite, an 1920's Spanish style home in LA. This has honestly got to be one of my favorite homes I've ever seen! The colors are stunning and it just feels super cozy. Plus, the ram's head coffee table and black Moroccan wedding blanket in the bedroom give me chills :)

In another LA home she uses the Moroccan wedding blanket again, but this time as a rug in the dining room. I love that idea! It might not be able to handle a ton of traffic, but a dining room that you don't use every day is a perfect spot for it. It adds so much fun and sparkle, it's like some fabulous piece of jewelry for your home!

Here's a few other pictures of various residences she's designed. Each one pure perfection.

XO Athena

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  1. Hurray for the ingenuity and beauty of Kishani Perara's interiors.
    It looks like she has the gift of transforming modest homes into
    luxurious and cozy living spaces.