Missed Opportunity


I just discovered something that was a little bit of a bummer for me. So, a few months back I was dying to buy these gorgeous light blue and gold Murano glass lamps online. They were on sale for a steal--$300. Yet at the time I just didn't have a few extra Benjamins to toss at a couple of lamps (which I have way too many of anyway, I think 12 in my little one-bedroom apartment). I ended up finding out that they had sold, which was a little sad but I have many decorating crushes and not enough money for them all, so I had to get over it.

I reassured myself that I would see similar ones someday... Well, did I ever! Identical ones in fact. On 1st dibs.com. For $1,950!!! Look at them. I am telling you guys that of course I'm not 100% sure, but I'm pretty convinced that these are the *Exact* *Same* *Lamps* that I wanted to buy. Yes, I know that there's more than one pair of these lamps in the world. But the timing and everything just gives me a sneaking suspicion that these are the ones.

Am I heartbroken? A little. Bitter? Maybe just a tad. But it's my own fault. My boyfriend is a big believer in buying what you love. He tells me that if I'm literally dying to get something and I probably won't see it again, to just get it. I love him for that :) So kiddies, moral of the story is... You snooze, you lose and then you see your beloved item being sold for 650% of what you could have paid. Jump while you have the chance!

XO Athena

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  1. Hey Athena! I saw your post on Eddie Ross's blog about those italian gold flowers and I knew I saw something semi-similar at one of the online stores I love. They are NOT the same but have a similar feel and are very inexpensive! Here's the link: http://mothology.com/mlily.htm BTW those lamps are TDF! I have some Murano birds I LURV!