Eddie Ross in the Big Window Challenge


Honestly, I did have another post all planned for today, until I was stopped dead in my tracks by the Eddie Ross-designed entry in the Big Window Challenge, hosted by Elle Decor, Apartment Therapy and Bloomingdales. Three designers each create a window to be installed in Bloomingdales and people vote on their favorite (all the details and entries can be found in the link above). Each designer's room is supposed to be made for a hypothetical person they have imagined.

Eddie's entry is by far my favorite. It's absolutely stunning with a sophisticated color palette and tons of glamorous accessories, my favorite being the bouquet of vintage 1960's Italian brass flowers. Where can I find these??? I vow that one day I will. The different shades of blue in the room work so perfectly with the fuchsia and orange accents. That splatter wallpaper is genius; I've never seen anything like it.

Plus, isn't this 1950's brass Chiavari chair stunning? I've come to notice in recent years that I really have a thing for brass! The first things I noticed in the room were the brass flowers, brass chair, brass chandelier, brass (or maybe actually gilt) legs of the black marble coffee table. What is with me and brass? I couldn't tell you if I wanted to, but I love it! The gold shimmery shades are a bonus as well! Maybe it's the color gold in general that I love... I'm also drawn to all that blue and white Delftware porcelain. My love of blue and white porcelain probably comes from my parents, who have a lot of it. Another favorite object is that little clear glass or crystal skull on the shelf next to the brass flowers. It's all these little details that make me love this room so much. Make sure you check out all the objects in the pictures.

Eddie wrote a wonderful story on his blog of the woman who would live in this space and my favorite quote of his was, "Bravely, she fills her house--and her life--with an eclectic mix of patterns and personalities. Do they go together? Do they...match? Without a doubt, yes. And why? Because she loves them. And that's enough." I love that quote because I feel that individual style is so deeply personal. If you love something, get it and don't worry about whether it matches what you have. If your home is filled with things that you absolutely love, it will all come together. Apathy has no place in the home, that's what I say! Unless we're talking about the power strips and extension cords behind your desk, which I guess is a rare exception ;)

Good luck Eddie, I'll be voting for you!

XO Athena

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