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I discovered UK company Graham & Green probably a couple of years ago when I saw an item of theirs in a magazine, and have loved so many of their items ever since. They carry the most bone and pearl-inlaid furniture of any home decor website that I've seen. I believe that most bone inlay furniture is made in India, and at quite a pretty penny since it's labor-intensive to produce. I adore the pieces, and although they would likely be overkill in groups, a few pieces here and there add a glam touch with a worldly feel.

Carlton Varney via Little Green Notebook

via Graham & Green

via Graham & Green

via Graham & Green

via Graham & Green

via Graham & Green

The black and white combo seems to be the most abundant, but I've also seen pink, white, green, blue, brown and gray. I have two of the Bougainvillea switch plate covers from Anthropologie, which are pink inlay; probably a very similar pink to the Pink Graham & Green pieces.

They are even prettier in person than they were online, so I'm thinking that some of that pink inlay furniture would be stunning in a room! All of the following pieces are from Graham & Green.

Beautiful, right? But.... I gotta save the best for last! My favorite color of inlay furniture by far is the gray. It's hard to see the design on the white-on-white pieces; while the black and white pieces have so much contrast that they are pretty loud. The gray, however, is a perfect medium. You can see the design very well still, but the look is more subtle. So classy. All of the following pieces are from Graham & Green as well, aside from the first one which is from Niki Jones.

While Graham & Green, as with most of the sites I have found, charge quite a bit for their pieces, there are websites that specialize in inlaid furniture with much more reasonable prices. I have no idea how they compare in terms of quality, however. The pictures look like the same quality of pieces. For example, Graham & Green charges $702 USD for one nightstand without shipping, whereas a site called Bone Inlay Furniture charges $770 USD for 2 lookalike nightstands, including shipping. Not exactly cheap for nightstands, but a bargain in comparison! No prices were listed on their website, so I just emailed them for info. A quick email is worth such a huge savings though, I'd say!

Polly Wreford via Vintage & Chic Blog

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