Getting Underfoot


I just pulled together a few area rugs that I've been checking out lately. I personally love ones with pattern and color. I've always loved detail and prints and rich colors, so an area rug is just another excuse to get something fun and vibrant!

Madeira rug from Ballard Designs

Zig Zig rug from West Elm

Woodstock rug via Home Decorators

Victorian Parlor rug from Anthropologie

Silhouette Flower rug from Urban Outfitters

Island Song rug from Anthropologie

Elina Dhurrie rug from Ballard Designs

Safari rug from West Elm

Conure rug from Anthropologie

Astonomy Poseidon rug from Overstock

Athene Scatter rug from Ballard Designs

Gloria's Garden rug from Anthropologie

Cloud rug from Overstock

Coqo Floral rug from Anthropologie

Camrose rug from Overstock

Doily rug from Anthropologie

Andalusia rug from West Elm

Blossom rug from Urban Outfitters

So many gorgeous rugs, so few floors to cover....How to choose?

XO Athena

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