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Lately I've been on the quest for the perfect dining table and chairs. Soon I'll be moving to a bigger place that will actually have room for a them; Imagine that! I did find my dream dining table on ebay, the only problem being that I have no room for it in my current place.

Such a bummer since it was insanely gorgeous, so of course it got snatched right up. I had constant daydreams about this table and all of the gorgeous colors that I could potentially paint it. Glossy navy blue, light gray or peacock.... Now any table that follows will have to live up to this beauty. I am contemplating eventually having a very similar one custom-made. As for the chairs, I have some beautiful ones that I bought for only $50 each from my friend Michelle, but I want to keep them as occasional chairs in possibly the living room or bedroom. They don't seem exactly right for dining chairs. These turquoise ones and silver ones are mine:

I have seen some amazing dining chairs, although most of the ones I like are a little out of my price range. Here are a few of my faves.

Hollywood Chair from Room Service, $595 each

There are so many incredible options out there, but I hit the jackpot when I saw a set of 6 faux bamboo vintage chairs on ebay, for only $500 including shipping. I'm completely in love. All I'd have to do is paint them one of the aforementioned colors in a high-gloss finish, change the seat fabric and call it a day! I love love LOVE them.

XO Athena

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