I Need This In My Life


I cannot believe these new duvet sets from Dwell Studio. When I first saw the Chinoiserie duvet from them last year, I fell in love. I had no idea that they could top it this year!

The yellow one destroys me..... but the gray kind of kills me too, so I really don't know. I do know however, that I'd love to sleep every night under this dreamy duvet.

XO Athena


  1. Have you seen the Target line? Just love Dwell!

  2. Oooh love the great! Picked up some Dwell Studio pillows from Target a month ago. They have such great patterns! :)

  3. Oh I know, Dwell has the most amazing stuff in general! LOVE the target line and the regular line :) :) It's so hard to choose between everything!

  4. I'm loving the peacock one! The yellow splash of color works well