Amy Butler Fabric


Oh my gosh, can we talk Amy Butler fabric for a moment here? I had never heard anything about her actually, and just stumbled across her fabric on Etsy on day, I think while searching for some KWID Imperial Trellis. I'm always a fan of bold, large-scale designs on fabric, so I was pretty stoked. Plus, Butler has an AMAZING eye for color. Some of the colorways just blow me away, seriously. You can find a bunch of designs on, and also Etsy and ebay have tons. The other great part? It's super cheap, about $9 to $13 a yard!

Midwest Modern 2 park Fountains in Mustard

Amy Butler Love Bali Gate in Pink

Amy Butler Love Bali Gate in Periwinkle

Amy Butler Love Sandalwood in Tangerine

Amy Butler Love Arabesque in Ivory

Amy Butler Trumpet Flowers

Amy Butler Love Water Bouquet Midnight

Amy Butler Bliss Bouquet in Emerald

Amy Butler Midwest Modern 2 Fresh Poppies in Linen

Amy Butler Midwest Modern 2 Ripple Stripe in Gray Pink

Amy Butler Tree Peony in Sand

Amy Butler Daisy Bouquet in Gray and Pink

XO Athena


  1. I love this post..Your blog is awesome; it's so my taste! Thanks for the comments and following...Def following your blog too! Hope you Come by my blog world again :)

  2. Love these, the patterns and colors are so fresh and vibrant!