My First Home Goods Visit


OK, I know I'm late getting on the Home Goods bandwagon. Every corner I turn in the shelter blog world, people are talking about all the great stuff they've found at Home Goods. We don't have the store in Seattle, so on my trip to Portland this weekend I took my first look at the store. I went in a little pessimistic because I know how it usually goes.... Everyone you talk to finds great stuff at a store, but when you go none of the gems are there. Luckily, I was dead wrong. I mean, there's tacky knick-knacks aplenty there, but I also had a hard time not spending a lot of money. The one incredible find that I could not resist was this huge 15 inch pierced ceramic lantern for $29. The identical Two's Company Carthage lantern in this size is well over $100. Score for me!!! I'm not into the odd purple hue though, so I'm going to have to paint it. I'm gonna be raiding Home Goods on every trip to Portland from now on.

XO Athena

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  1. ok i am so loving your blog. style everywhere!!!!! love what you got from favorite store. :)
    have a great weekend.