Sexy Wallpaper: Two Words I Have Never Used Together...


I've always dreamed of having a little powder room or some other small room outfitted in some decadent, delicious, crazy wallpaper. I've been on the lookout and while perusing the Hermitage Website I found the designer, Louise Body, who will likely be the chosen one for my future powder room! Her papers are gorgeous!


Erotica Close-up

Pavilion Birds

Harry's Garden

The two bird wallpapers are stunning and I could definitely see myself using them at some point, but that Erotica wallpaper is the one I'm DYING to buy for a little powder room. I mean, come on. Stocking-clad beauties dangling from chandeliers over a sea of extravagantly adorned guests??? Yes please, sign me up. It's risque and saucy, but also BEAUTIFUL!!! So in short, I am dying for it.

XO Athena

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