First Post Ever... A Bit About Me


Hello, there! I have deliberated for a while now about what to focus on in my first post... Many things that I wish to write about just seem so random without any background. I finally decided to start off with a simple introduction, so that anyone reading can learn a bit about the mysterious girl who's writing this ;) I am simply a chick with a pretty extreme love for interior design. It's most likely due in part to my parents, who have excellent taste. I have always loved doing anything creative and artistic. I enjoy reading other shelter blogs (a little too much), yet I also have a lot of things to say myself.

My style is such a mixture of different elements. I love everything from Hollywood Regency style, to mid-century modern pieces, to Victorian elements. I gravitate towards spaces that are dramatic, glamorous, edgy and saturated with color. Yet being a lover of all things decor, my style expands way beyond all of those elements. I love a little bit of everything! I know that is the common thing these days, having an "eclectic" style, but the key is just finding a way to make all of the various elements cohesive in some way, thereby creating a unified space.

I wanted to share with you guys a few of my favorite rooms:

via Domino

I hope that you all will enjoy reading this blog as much as I will enjoy writing it. I welcome and appreciate comments anytime! Take care!

XO Athena


  1. hey girl WOW you have such talent but why should that surprise me...Go girl and we still have to hear your man SING maybee Feb at the uptown will check on dates...Love you heaps Maz

  2. BEYOND GORGEOUS!! I want a bedroom like Kendall Wilkinson and Kelly Wearstler's kitchen. Love, janeto xxoo xxoo xxoo xxoo